Honest question.  For those who like Hinoki and the Bird.  Why?

Sure, great atmosphere.  Good drink program.  Exciting sounding menu.  But did you EAT the food?  And you liked it?  Really?  The Monster could not have been more excited to try this place out.  Comes with the pedigree. David Myers joint.  Gets early reviewers in a tizzy.  Becomes the hot reservation.  But again, did anyone EAT the food?


It’s not that the food proves horrible.  Some of it is quite good in fact.  But by in large the food is terribly disappointing.

So let’s rundown the night’s choices:

Assorted homemade pickles.  The worst pickle selection The Monster has had.  In fact, nothing tasted as if it had been pickled.


Salt and pepper marinated fried calamari, ajwain-tomato jam.  Boring.  Better calamari at Chili’s.


Chili crab toast, spicy cucumber, coriander.  Now this, this is pretty tasty.  Oily?  Yes.  But tasty nonetheless.


Crispy marinated chicken, lemon aioli.  You cannot mess this up.   It’s impossible.  And yet it happened.  The Monster LOVES this shit.  And you still find a way to mess this up.  Plus, the plate presentation sucks royally.  Is this Chili’s?


Clam chowder, celery leaf.  Not really clam chowder.  Not really chowder.  Props though because it is an interesting interpretation.


Lobster roll, green curry, Thai basil.  The dish people leave talking about.  Listen, The Monster deems it impossible to make a lobster roll that isn’t delicious.  It’s just not possible.  This one is delicious.

Kale, crispy and raw, curried almonds, pecorino, lemon vinaigrette.  The Monster feels like he is eating a bowl of dirt but others like it.  He might be wrong on this one.


Hinoki scented black cod, sweet potato, pistachio.  Amazing presentation.  Totally lacking taste.  A huge miss.


Jidori chicken.  Like a lot.  But it’s a chicken breast.  Seriously.


Scottish salmon.  Decent.  Did you come here for decent?


Haricot vert, sesame.   You like rubber?  You like eating rubber.  Order this.


Does this sound like an amazing meal to you?  Do you want to EAT this meal?

Why go?  You can eat a cool soundtrack and like to drink in the atmosphere.  Literally.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

10 Century Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90067

(310) 552-1200

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