In a charming courtyard on Montana sits this newbie serving breakfast and lunch from 8-4.

You’ll be treated to some great old tunes, super friendly service and a menu that features salads, crostini, sandwiches and a few main courses.  Oh, and make sure to leave room for the macaroons.




The Monster can’t decide between the organic quinoa shrimp salad, the chicken salad sandwich or the eggplant Parmesan.

Or maybe he wants the veggie burger featuring ketchup pomegranate molasses.  Then there is the palachinke.  Traditionally made in Croatia, these are two homemade crepes with creamy Nutella, almonds and bananas.  That sounds delicious.  Or maybe the chop chop salad and being healthy is the way to go.

The chop salad starts off the meal and it is wonderful.  Mrs. Monster says it is one of the beat salads she’s ever had.  The Monster won’t disagree.  With a pomegranate vinaigrette it is a perfect spring salad.


Eggplant parm is next up and it is similarly delicious.  The Monster thinks it might be the best eggplant parm he’s ever had.  And he’s had a lot of eggplant parm.


And The Monster can’t say no to the palachinke.  Good, because it is delight on a plate.  It is all gooey and warm and reminds him of being a kid.

When the chef comes out to check on the meal it is decided.  The Monster loves Courtyard Kitchen.

Why go?  You lunch well.

Monster rating: 4½/5 Monsters

1211 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90403

(310) 587-2333

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  1. Mirfish

    thank you monster!

  2. iris

    So good had the same as you. Loved it. thanks!

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