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There are certain perks that come with writing a food blog.  And one of those perks is when someone like Helen Mansuryan from Ladybug Fortune Cookie Company reaches out and asks if you’d like to sample some of their bespoke fortune cookies.  Hell yea, The Monster sure would like to.

How many times have you been handed a stale, disgusting fortune cookie at the end of a Chinese meal?  In 2010 just this happened to Helen and she started her company.  Marrying gourmet toppings with whimsical designs, Lady Bug Fortune Cookie Company transforms the traditional fortune cookie into a personalized, fun and delicious treat.


You can create your own message and have your fortune cookie dipped in fine Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with your choice of gourmet toppings.  The Monster will tell you they were delicious and a hit in the office.

Perfect for office parties, weddings and birthdays, you can check them out at


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  1. amazing post you have here, thanks for making it available!

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