Somewhere on his food peregrinations The Monster heard Salvemini’s had some of the best pizza in the valley. It’s not everyday one finds themselves in Sherman Oaks starving to death and only minutes from perishing (hyperbole, but close to truth) but this proves one of those days for The Monster.  And so Salvemini’s it is.

Not much to look at, this is a few tables inside and out.  It appears delivery must make up a lot of the business because the restaurant isn’t terribly crowded at lunch.  On this day an Israeli is having an animated conversation with someone across the restaurant about the state of Israel, the holocaust and El Al Airlines.  It lasts the entire time The Monster is eating.  Awesome.


With a huge menu of pizza, pasta, salads and sandwiches this joint can hit the spot for most anyone looking for a casual Italian meal.

An Italian salad with balsamic and two slices of barbecue chicken pizza with onions is the call.  Not reinventing the wheel with this order.

A few minutes later the salad appears and shortly thereafter the pizza makes its way over.


By and large the meal is good.  The salad is nice sized, the balsamic has a tangy zing to it and the vegetables (lettuce, tomato, carrot) taste fresh enough.  And the pizza, made to order, satisfies The Monster’s crazing and keeps him from dying of starvation (or histrionics).


Is this the best in the Valley?  Doubtful.  Is this destination dining?   Nope.  But for a casual spot in a mini-mall it does the trick.  And while you eat you too might be serenaded with the erroneous fact that El Al is the safest Airline in the world.  That distinction is with Finnair.  But you knew that already.

Why go?  You’re close by.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

15030 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 2
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

(818) 788-1990

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