The last meal in New Zealand for The Monster is a true tribute to Papa Monster.  Having spent his life working in the beer and wine industry, the decision is made to have lunch in the majestic wine country of NZ in his honor.

The iconography of the land is breathtaking. Rolling hills, verdant meadows, wildflowers blooming.  One could almost forget the sad truth of why they have traveled to this idyllic land.




Hallertau is the call and it is an indoor/outdoor affair with a marvelous menu set in a pretty bit of country. It is renowned as much for its brewery as its wonderful locally and seasonally sourced food and wine.

Chipotle prawn tacos with avocado salsa verde in soft tacos and chili aioli, crispy squid with soy mayonnaise and backyard watercress and steamed mussels with garlic bread crumbs and panini bread are the calls for starters.



One is better than the next.  A glass of wine is hoisted in Papa Monster’s honor as the appetizers are finished.

Moorish roasted chicken pie with spring leeks and Hallertau whole grain mustard is the main.  It is similarly resplendent, hearty yet not overbearing.


At Hallertau all fruits and vegetables are from their garden while eggs are from their free-roaming chooks.

Service is casual yet accommodating and the space only suffers from being too hot on this day.

Perhaps a time will come for The Monster to return under happier circumstances to enjoy this true standout.

Why go?  Amazing scenery and equally delicious food.

Monster rating:  4/5 Monsters

1171 Coatesville-Riverhead Hwy, Auckland 0892, New Zealand

+64 9-412 5555


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