The Monster spent one day in New Zealand.  And while he didn’t want to be there under the circumstances that he found himself in, he did discover a country of unspeakably beautiful countryside and a people both warm and kind.

The first meal The Monster has after a twelve hour flight is in the small town of Whangarei.  The northernmost city in New Zealand, this is the last place one would expect to find a place like The Fat Camel.  An Israeli restaurant modeled after a typical Tel Aviv Café, The Monster knows that Papa Monster would have approved.




The beauty of New Zealand…




He would have loved to have kibbutzed with the owners to see how they made it from Israel to a small town in New Zealand where they are perhaps some of only a handful of Jewish people.  And while he would not have been able to eat, a smile would have lit up his face while in The Fat Camel.

Should you make it this way you’ll find the casual spot has a menu of standards: hummus, falafel, shawarma, shislik and schnitzel.  The order at the counter affair is quick and delicious and the service proves friendly as can be.


As far as the food, it is but secondary on this occasion as The Monster, Mrs. Monster and Mama Monster celebrate the life of a man who was and will continue to be a great inspiration to those who knew and loved him.


Why go?  Happier occasions, hopefully.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

71 Cameron Street, (Quality Street Mall)
Whangarei Central, Whangarei NZ

09-438 0821


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3 responses to “REVIEW: THE FAT CAMEL

  1. Agreed that this is a gem of a place, I found it be accident when looking for a coffee (great coffee too), ive done the 3 hours each way drive back a few times just for coffee and a meal.

  2. John

    excellent food, great coffee and above most warm friendly atmosphere and service, always a regular for me and my family when eating out.

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