Having recently traveled to Peru and India The Monster has had the good fortune of train travel in both amazing countries.  Seeing the countryside from the window of a train is a true delight.  Less amazing?  The food one is served whilst traveling.

So, the question needs be asked, which food proved more disgusting?

On Perurail you’ll get a cheese and tomato sandwich and fresh fruit.  Indian Railway is a smorgasbord of delights both hot and packaged.


Starting with Perurail the sandwich is pretty much devoid of taste.  Stale bread dominates.  If you like bland then this is your ticket.  The fruit here does have taste, it is just bad.  Also, the tea is pretty wretched.

As for Indian Railway, The Monster will not consume something that says on the package “Please consume on same day” when he is certain said item has been sitting around since Ghandi last walked the earth.  The packaged almonds and chocolate bar however are fine.  Hard to screw them up.  What is truly offensive is the cake.  Luckily its ingredients include “hydrogenated edible vegetable oil” (is there another kind?) and husked gram.  You can never have too much husked gram in your diet.  Fact.


Hard to pick a winner (or would it be loser?) between them.  The lesson to be learned here is if you are hungry and on a train you may find it best to starve.


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