The Leela Palace, the newest luxury property Udaipur has to offer comes in a distant third behind the Lake Palace and Oberoi.  One guide-book likens it to a fine Disneyland resort and The Monster could not have said it better.  That is indeed both a complement and entirely pejorative.  But it is a beautiful location on Lake Pichola.

It is a bright, shiny new toy that is opulent and heinously gauche.  Your tolerance for such a place depends on how jaded you have become.  The Dining Room, headed by a chef who accrued two Michelin stars in France carries this thematic with a central wine locker made of glass and blue lighting out of Vegas.



Like most fine properties in India the service cannot be more pleasant.  The menu veers from continental to Indian and while the wine list is to be lauded the one wine The Monster samples is wholly putrid.

Murgh malai tikka chicken marinated with yogurt and red chili marinade is the starter and it is not a highlight. A staple of Indian menus this version is terribly mundane .


Aadraki panje, stir fried cauliflower with ginger and whole spices is the vegetarian main course and it proves much more assured.


Murgh tikka makhani is the other entree.  Tandoor chicken finished in tomato gravy with cream and chilies it is actually quite lovely and has a nice touch of heat.

Given the old-school European charms of Udaipur, The Dining Room, while ultimately a lovely and satisfying meal just feels a touch out of place.

Why go?  You really think Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth.

Monster rating:  3/5 Monsters

Lake Pichola, Udaipur 313001, India

+91 294 670 1234

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