With tremendous views of the old fort and lovely grounds Raas Haveli in Jodhpur continues the theme of living like a moghul while in India.  They say incredible India and as more of the country unfolds itself it becomes ever apparent this is true.

The menu reflects Indian, Oriental, Thai and Italian influence.  Perhaps a meal sans chicken tikka?



To start, a grilled charmulla shrimp with curry spices apples, garden greens and sweet and spicy orange dressing along with Som Tam Malakor a raw papaya salad with bird chili, cherry tomato and coriander.



Salads have been few and far between in India and both are stellar.  Fresh produce, amazing flavor that is both sweet and conversely spicy, they are everything you want out of the beginning of your meal.

For the entrees a chicken tikka pizza (could not resist) with caramelized onion and mustard sprouts and a seared Cochin sole with saffron gnocchi, lemon basil, parsley and nutty butter sauce.

Proving a perfect match, the pizza is light and crispy on the bottom with a heft up top provides by the chicken which pairs nicely with the onion.  And while the gnocchi is lovely the fish is a bit of a disappointment.  Lacking much flavor it is fine but nothing more.


For dessert, almond and mango kulfi a traditional Indian milk ice cream.  On a hot desert day you will most appreciate this.


Why go?  Pizza cravings.

Monster rating:  3½/5 Monsters

Tunvar Ji Ka Jhalra | Makrana Mohalla, Jodhpur 342001, India

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