In the rugged mountains hugging the Jain temples on the way to Udaipur is the newly opened (and not quite finished) Mounbatten Lodge.

Take your meal underneath one of the sprawling trees and listen to the call of nature.  You are far away from the maddening crowds of tourist India and it is a most welcome respite.


It’s a set menu so sit back and relax.  To start, a sweet corn soup.  Simple, clean flavors and enjoyable.


Rice and roast chicken is the next course accompanied by aubergine, mixed veg, samosas and naan.


It’s a rustic, hearty, earthen meal and it taste marvelous.   Given this is hunting lodge territory one can imagine it is the 19th century and they are back from a grand adventure.

The chicken, while not very meaty is in a thick, wonderful gravy and the potatoes are perfectly paired.  Likewise, the mixed vegetables taste fresh from the garden.

It is the samosas however that may be the reigning champ here.  Spicy affairs they make The Monster wish any place in LA could come close.  They unfortunately do not.

Why go?  You’re a big game hunter.

Monster rating; 4/5 Monsters

Aravalli hills near Kumbhalgarh Fort, Ranakpur, India

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