Sitting outside in the courtyard of the Oberoi Raj Vilas in Jaipur one feels like royalty.

Music playing, fire roaring, the Surya Mahal is an Italian, Asian meets Indian affair renowned for its impeccable service and transcendent food in a setting befit for a maharaja.




After eating so many fine Indian meals its time to order a more Continental meal.

Mahal jhinga starts the evening off. It’s Cochin prawns in cream, cheese and a cardamom marinade cooked on the tandoor.  With the honey and yogurt accompaniment this dish is truly extraordinary.  Just when you think the food in India has soared as high as possible you are blessed with another bite that brings true culinary ecstasy.


Crispy skin salmon with braised red cabbage, stir fried greens, shallot beurre blanc wins the call as the entree and its Asian underpinnings are marvelous.  It’s tangy vegetables mix swimmingly with the fish. First rate.

Steamed seabass with coriander broth, bok choy, sambal oelek, sesame oil tempering is less assured in its flavors and perhaps even a bit too safe.  They can’t all revolutionize the taste buds.


An enchanting evening in the fabled pink city. India truly is a marvel, where you can turn the corner from seeringly abject and saddening poverty to luxury of untold splendor.

Why go?  You are royalty.

Monster rating: 4½/5 Monsters

The Oberoi RajVilas, Jaipur | Goner Road, Jaipur, India

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