On the way from Agra to Jaipur is this oasis and resort (and little else).  If you’re hungry (and you are) this is your one chance to stop and eat a proper meal.  Save this it’s candy bars and exhaust fumes at the side of the road.

The Monster sits outside beneath a canopy and by a lovely field of mustard.  The grounds are garden filled but you are only a hundred feet from the highway so serenity is by measures.





Tomato soup, vegetable samosas, chicken biryani, and cheese naan make the grade.

And like much of India this restaurant and resort reveals itself slowly and first impressions oft end up being misconceptions.

The soup is simple and hearty.  You’ll appreciate it even more after being cooped up in the car.  And yes, it may be from a can.


The samosas may be the best The Monster has had.  Potato, green pepper, cabbage, anise and carrots are perfectly nestled within the fried casing.


And finally the biryani and naan also prove delicious.  But what else would you expect in India?

Rudra Mahal ends up being a most satisfying meal in the most unlikely of places.

Why go?  You’re famished.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

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