Beautiful courtyard, gurgling fountain, the Raj Palace in Jaipur makes one feel as if they are a king.  And in fact this hotel is the former residence of a Maharaji.  As a heritage property it is both regal and yet imminently comfortable.

The menu pairs both Continental fare with local delicacies. After a morning at the Amber Fort (delightful) a hearty meal will be most welcome.



The incredible Amber Fort will bring you to Jaipur.



The beautiful hotel and its cuisine will keep you happy while visiting.

Hummus with Lebanese spices and Melba toast, tomato soup, chicken in special gravy and Indian spices and vegetable biryani is today’s selection.

The soup is pretty straightforward, even boring.  Likewise the hummus is pedestrian.  Could it be one of the top restaurants in Jaipur is a supreme disappointment even if it is set in one of the prettiest locales in the city?



Not a chance.  The chicken and biryani are top notch.  Once again The Monster is forced, forced to use every scrap of naan to finish up the delectable sauce.

Is it possible to have a bad meal in India?  Probably, but so far The Monster has not had one.

Why go?   Your wife went to Gem Palace and now you need a drink.  Perhaps three.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

Jorawer Singh Gate, Amer Road, Jaipur 302002, India

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