In Agra, home of the incomparable Taj Majal, is Pinch of Spice.  This Indian and Chinese restaurant is housed in a contemporary cum Indian space with a full bar and wine list.

This is a well established spot on the tourist circuit.  If only they’d get rid of the four televisions showing the news while Indian music plays over it.  Only later does The Monster realize the news is about some of the largest protests ever in India occurring in New Dehli from whence The Monster just came.  And later still that this protest is about a horrific gang rape and murder on a city bus.


While the food is great this is why you’ve traveled to Agra.



India is truly spectacular on so many levels but there still remains work to be done as it sheds some vestiges of its less than glorious past.  The fact that the penalty for rape and the penalty for illegally owning poisonous snakes to use in charming is the same (seven years) is one prime example.

But enough polemics for one day and onto the eating…

Murg garlic tikka boneless chicken marinated in rich mixture of cream, cheese, and Indian spices with garlic is the appetizer. Eh.  Very average. Not an auspicious start to the meal.


Butter chicken in rich tomato gravy is the entree choice. Fantastic, rich and creamy.  Totally redeems the miss on the first course.


Adraki gonhi cauliflower in Indian spices with ginger is the side dish. Best cauliflower ever?  Perhaps.  The ginger adds just enough mystery to the dish to make it both exotic yet accessible.

Garlic naan is a must to finish off every last drop of the amazing sauces.



Golub jamun and butterscotch ice cream for dessert ends the meal in rousing fashion.


Why go?  You skip the appetizers anyway.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

23/453, Wazirpura Road | Opp. Sanjay Cinema, Agra 282002, India


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