In the Lalit Temple View Hotel is what is arguably the best restaurant in Khajuraho, Panna.

The room itself is a touch plain, too brightly lit and quiet but the service is charming and the menu expansive.  As is the case in most restaurants in the city, you can eat from a full Indian menu but also choose American or Italian dishes (not that you should, because you really shouldn’t).




After a day of temple viewing (amazing) and with an early morning pick-up for a safari in the nearby national park The Monster gets right down to business.  The order:

Kathi roll, parantha with chicken tikka – fairly spectacular tasting, these are addictive appetizers that begin the meal on a high note.

Matkewala murg country chicken curry in an earthen pot – deeply intense flavor and a truly satisfying dish.


Vegetable Tarkari biryani – a colorful melange of vegetables on slow fire with basmati rice condiments flavored with saffron.  This incredibly aromatic dish surprises at every bite, revealing itself slowly as a complex delight.


Garlic naan rounds out the meal to make sure every last bit of flavor is savored.  And this is a meal to be savored in the least likely of places.

So even if you feel like you’re eating in a cafeteria at least the food will be delicious.

And then it’s off to bed as a 4:30 wake-up call greets you tomorrow.

Why go?  For a surprisingly delicious meal.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monster

Opposite Circuit House, Khajuraho 471606, India

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