In Orchha, renowned for its amazing temples sits Amar Mahal, a charming courtyard property with amazing views.

The restaurant is a grand looking room that mixes Indian sensibility with an English farmhouse aesthetic.  Especially delightful is the intricate ceiling pattern and lovely window coverings. Alas, there is no view of the temples from the restaurant.


The grand temple from the front will be what brings you to Orchha.



The vegetarian buffet is very popular and this property is jammed with well-heeled Indian families celebrating special occasions (there is a Chanel purse sighting, unheard of so far in India.  And it might even be real).

The food is hit or miss, the naan is stiff as a board and tastes days old while the mixed veg cauliflower is dynamite.


The menu hits Indian specialties as well as Chinese and the buffet exhibits at least a hint of Chinese influence.

A stop here before sightseeing will not revolutionize your palate but will satisfy your hunger before an amazing time at the temples.

Why go?  You love Chanel.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

Orchha , Madhya Pradesh, India

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