In a town of shanty’s and street food sits Tandoor Villa, a proper sit down restaurant, a rarity outside the hotels in Varanasi.

It’s even nice looking inside, with pleasant service and a large and inviting menu. With the Indian meets techno music playing you might even imagine you’re in London.


The order is the sizzling vegetable platter, murg marka chicken and garlic naan.  Given the restaurant is empty The Monster does not have high hopes.

But then the food comes and blows our minds.  It is stunningly great. Complex, spicy, buttery goddess of deliciousness. It makes the best of American Indian feel like you eat every meal at the mall in Bakersfield at a fast food joint called Holy Cow.


We sample some desert at the behest of the charming owner and it too proves wonderful.   Made from shredded carrot and nuts it is sweet but not sugary.

For a new addition to Varanasi this is a perfect mid day stop.

Why go?  You like surprises.

Monster rating:  4½/5 Monsters

Nadesar Road, Varanasi, India


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