Do they have waiters at Cora’s?  Or just people who flit by and ignore you?  Because there is a lot of ignoring going on.  It’s like a shitshow of ignoration.

Ignoration not a word?  Is now.  There goes another guy not taking our order.  So hungry, may eat annoying-person-who-is-standing-over-our-table-talking-her-ear-off.  Honey, it is an ugly coat.  Can The Monster eat it?  Also, stop talking.


The order is tomato soup, chicken tacos with salsa verse and avocado and a Margherita pizza.  It’s a boring order because it’s a boring menu.

Fifteen minutes.  No service.  No water.  Who is Cora and where can we bury her?

Order finally taken.  Annoying person still talking.  Coat still putrid.  Your mother would think it’s ugly my dear.  Can we burn it for warmth?

Forty-five in.  No food.  Ugly coat girl gone.  Hungry and now nothing to make fun of.

Food arrives.  Soup watery.  Pizza cold.  Tacos blah.

Never coming back.

And you’ll notice there are no pictures of the food.  That’s apparently because even The Monster’s camera knew it wasn’t worth it.

Why go?  Who needs attention?

Monster rating: 1/5 Monsters

1802 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 451-9562

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    do not take popa or momma monster there!!!popa monster

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