Yea, it’s a grocery store.  And no, it’s not even a terribly good one.  But Publix (South Florida) makes a damn fine grocery store fried chicken.

Don’t believe The Monster?  Over 6,000 fans of Publix fried chicken on Facebook (The Monster gladly adds his like).  When visiting a family friend on his boat the staff serves up Publix fried chicken on fine china.  And the public(x) has spoken, Publix fried chicken beats out KFC easily.



It’s a crunchy, salty, juicy (a bit greasy), meaty yard bird.  It’s a guilty pleasure.  It’s a lovely hot breakfast the first morning and cold the following day.

The key here is to get a fresh batch and have them put your golden bullion into the box top up so it doesn’t become a soggy mess.  If, like The Monster, you lack willpower you will be eating it off the trunk of your car in the parking lot so grab some napkins and a bottle of hot sauce.

Now let’s be perfectly clear.  This is not fried chicken from Willie Maes Scotch House or Gus’s or Prince’s Hot.  There is no coconut breading like Cha Cha delivers or rooster sauce to kick it up a notch like Son of a Gun.

But nevermind that.  This is grab a box and go.  Dig in and let the juice drip down your chin.  Enjoy a beautiful day with family at the beach fried chicken.  And for that The Monster salutes you Publix.

Why go?  It’s not KFC.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

Locations throughout the South.


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  1. John

    I find that Publix Fried Chicken can be good, but it’s not consistently good. I like when the chicken is tender and juice and batter is light, flavorful and crispy. Sometimes it is this way. But more often than not the chicken is dried out and overcooked, and the batter is about as crunchy as corn nuts and I feel I am in danger of cracking my teeth on the batter. I also notice that the two Publix locations near me load the breast pieces on the bottom skin side down to make sure they stick to the paper and comes off when you remove them from the box. Last night I got a box that had 2 breasts, 2 wings, and 4 thighs. And as usual the batter was rock hard, the chicken was overcooked, and the breasts were loaded skin side down on the bottom. So if I don’t like how it usually comes out why do I get it? That’s a good question and I’m glad you asked. When their chicken is good it is very good, it’s just not consistently good.

  2. Karen S.

    We left Georgia 9 years ago and still crave Publix Fried Chicken – we went to the gulf on vacation in March and made sure the house we rented was near a Publix – it was just as good as ever!

  3. FLFoodie55

    What don’t you like about Publix as a grocery store? It is ranked as the 2nd best grocery chain in the US and listed as one of the Fortune 100 best companies to work for…

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