You want pizza.  How about twenty-one different kinds?  You want pasta.  Twenty-seven varieties.  Ten types of veal.  A list of specialties a mile long.  Welcome to Carmine’s.

This old school Italian joint and gourmet market has an inside that’s straight out of the swanky 80’s and a covered patio overlooking boats in the harbor.  The Monster has a soft spot for Carmine’s.

There is little debate that chicken parm will be the call.  Sure there is cioppino.  Alright, the pasta’s sound delicious.  Pizza would be great.  But chicken parm it is.

And it’s a decent version.  Served with al dente spaghetti marinara it’s a huge portion.  Not reinventing the wheel here but it’s South Florida Italian for you.

With waiters straight out of central casting and the market to get lost in while you wait Carmine’s is perfect for a leisurely lunch or food to go when you’re feeling like expanding the waistline and eating a comforting Italian meal.

Why go?  Bad Italian music rocks your world.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

2401 PGA Boulevard, Suite 172
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

(561) 775-0105

Carmine's La Trattoria on Urbanspoon


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