It’s all hipster brick, wood and concrete in this citywide favorite den of sausages.  It’s probably the last place many would peg The Monster (being a beer and sausage joint) but occasionally the Wurstkuche itch must be scratched.  And today is one of those days.

With the requisite area for a DJ (it gets jet engine loud here when the bass goes running, like holy hell make it stop my ears are bleeding loud), a small smoking patio and a bar serving their impressive array of beers this ode to Bavaria is rarely empty and gets serious kudos from all corners.

The menu is lovingly straightforward.  Pick your sausage: classic (bratwurst, bockwurst, vegetarian smoked apple sage etc.), gourmet (Filipino Maharlika, Louisiana hot link as examples) or exotic (crocodile and pork andouille, duck and bacon with jalapeno peppers are a few).  From there add your toppings: caramelized onion, sauerkraut, sweet peppers, spicy peppers.  Lastly, decide if you want Belgian fries (with a wide selection of dipping sauces) or dessert (toasted apple pie ice cream sandwich on oatmeal raisin cookies).

With beer (draft or bottle including the revered St. Bernardus ABT 12 Methusalem clocking in at $250) in hand (Belgian, German, North American or English) head to the back and grab seat to await your nosh.

Here is where you’ll either do backflips and sing love songs or write mean, nasty diatribes about this place.  Do you like communal tables (no)?  Do you like people(not especially)?  Must you be able to have a conversation with others while dining (not really, score there!).  Do you like your brain melting from noise (not normally but will give it a try).  Because Wurstkuche gets packed, it gets loud and it hot and sweaty.

The Monster likes Wurstkuche.  He doesn’t love it.  The sausages he tries (mango jalapeno with chicken and turkey, chicken apple and spices, rattlesnake and rabbit with jalapeno peppers and sundried tomato and mozzarella with smoked chicken and turkey) are all pretty good.  But they all also kind of taste the same.  Even with different toppings and a range of mustard.

The fries are quite nice.  Thick, salty, double dipped wonders just begging for some sweet and sassy BBQ or Thai peanut sauce.

So, for those sausage lovers amongst you head on over to Wurstkuche and have it.  The Monster will see you there in another couple of years.

Why go?   You’re halfway deaf already.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

625 Lincoln Boulevard
Venice, CA 90291

(213) 687-4444

800 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

(213) 687-4444

Wurstküche on Urbanspoon

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