The Monster has a soft spot in his heart for Benny’s Tacos and Rotisserie.  And now, with a slight remodel, the addition of beer and for no apparent reason whatsoever a full Mediterranean menu at a Mexican restaurant, Benny’s is even more confused and delightful than before.

Maybe The Monster likes Benny’s because the people are friendly, the food pretty tasty, the prices decent enough.  Maybe it’s the large front patio. Maybe it’s the VIP card entitling you to 5% off your meal (that’s like an entire quarter on most orders, The Monster is a whiz at maths).  What else does The Monster dig?

Benny’s is the kind of place The Monster can go to when Mrs. Monster is gone and pretend he’s being healthy.  Also, there is a parking lot.  The Monster loves parking lots.  So convenient.  And free.  Little things in life people.  And this one actually has spaces big enough for you to park an actual car (looking at you Whole Foods) without performing feats of magic or riding in  a matchbox.

The above is not the parking lot at Benny’s.  It’s some random parking lot The Monster found on the web.  But it is a parking lot in case you forget what they look like.  Benny’s does not look like this but it is still cool.

A typical order here for The Monster is the half chicken plate.  It’s a half chicken (in case the name didn’t tell you) accompanied by flour or corn tortillas and some other Mexican goodies (or not, sometimes The Monster gets French fries and spoils the illusion of healthiness).  It’s a heap better than some of the other quick casual Mexi-joints on Lincoln.  Won’t blow your mind but it’s fast and worth every penny.

You may get something like carne asada tacos or a falafel veggie dish.  Because that makes sense on the same menu.  Lengua quesadillas perhaps tickle your fancy or maybe you want a hamburger and fries.  See, Benny’s can do that for you people.  Benny’s will do that for you.

Oh yea, they also deliver.  Benny’s is it.

Why go?  Parking lots rule.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

427 Lincoln Boulevard
Venice, CA 90291

(310) 396-8749

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