The greatest place in LA?  The Monster is going to get his fried chicken on.  And some drummettes.  Mac n cheese!  Collard greens!  French fries!  Candied yams!  Chicken noodle soup!  This is about to get religious.  Thank you Serving Spoon.

In Inglewood, this homey joint is lined with pictures of famous African-Americans and be it at a booth or the counter you’re sure to get friendly service and gut busting classics as soul singers croon.

Starting off with some chicken noodle soup and a little Red Rooster to give it a kick.  It’s a nice bowl of soup. But it’s not why The Monster came here.

And then the heavens open up and a whole platter of fried deliciousness descends down, brought forth by angels.

Everything is just about perfect.  Yams are sweet and filled with cinnamon, mac n cheese is gooey love, fries are thick and well seasoned, collard greens make you think your being healthy while still tasting great, cornbread takes to honey beautifully.

And then there is the chicken.  A boneless breast and drummettes.  Oh, the chicken!  The star of The Monster show.  A shake of Red Rooster and then dive right in.

The Monster loves you Serving Spoon.  Stay righteous.

Why go?  It’s love at first bite.

Monster rating: 4½/5 Monsters

1403 Centinela Avenue
Inglewood, CA 90302

(310) 412-3927

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