The sign reads Morfia’s A Taste Of Heaven.  Did anyone bother to try the collard greens or mac n cheese first?

So The Monster goes to Texas and has sushi.  He has duck wings.  He has king crab legs.  Like the fool that he is what he does not have is Texas BBQ.

On the drive back from the airport he spies Morfia’s offering up, you got it, Texas BBQ in California.  Hey, if sushi can be good in Texas then BBQ can be good in LA.

And they have this ridiculous baklava cheesecake that sends people into rapturous tizzy’s online so it’s settled.  The Monster must go to Morfia’s.

The chicken sandwich comes on a hamburger roll.  For only a dollar more you can have it on French bread.  That’s what The Monster does along with the greens and mac.  The sandwich itself is pretty good.  Not great but pretty good.  If you like barbecued chicken sandwiches have at it.  There’s not much room here, four tables inside and two out so take-out might be wise.  All the meats here are smoked in a brick pit so they should be tasty.

Now, if you like mac n cheese or collard greens go somewhere else.  Because these give bad names to normally delicious food.  The Monster doesn’t finish either.  Not even close.

And while he’s not hungry he gets the baklava cheesecake.  He just has to.  And wow, it is pretty tremendous.  Maybe this is what heaven tastes like.

Why go?  Where else would you get baklava cheesecake?

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

4077 Lincoln Boulevard
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

(310) 821-6939

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