Things The Monster thinks about at Norma’s at The Parker in Palm Springs as he waits for his food.  Why does this restaurant have no appetizers?  Why does that man wear that shirt unbuttoned so?  Can The Monster eat his placemat?

The Monster loves The Parker.  He loves the decor, the beautiful grounds, the funky and fun rooms, the hospitable service.  Does The Monster love Norma’s?

Lobster mac n cheese is the call.  You may order a $25 salad or some spicy shrimp quesadillas.  You may also bemoan the lack of appetizers.  Why does Norma hate the starter course?

Right about now The Monster has a fantasy about crab cakes.  It is slightly lewd in nature.  How great would a cup of gazpacho be?  Even a side salad would suffice.

But nope.  Not here.  Not now.  Please bring lobster mac post haste.

The placemat does not taste very good.  Neither does the pepper shaker.  Come on Norma, whip up an appetizer.  Even some bread.  Something.

Sweet salvation!  Food!  Sustenance!  Joy to the world!  While it’s not the best lobster mac The Monster would eat refried bird shit right now he’s so hungry so it tastes pretty sweet.  Dripping cheese and chunks of lobster is a beautiful thing.

Don’t eat refried bird shit.  Come to Norma’s instead.

Why go?  You only eat entrees.

Monster rating:  3/5 Monsters

The Parker Hotel

4200 East Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92264

(760) 321-4630


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2 responses to “REVIEW: NORMA’S

  1. iris

    Thats so funnny!

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