Last meal in Austin and it’s a breakfast.  The Monster doesn’t like breakfast all that much so he needs to find a place that will serve up some lunch items early in the morn.  Enter Annie’s Cafe and Bar.

The space itself is pedestrian/mishmosh/craphouse.  Concrete floors but farmhouse doors.  Slick bar but pastoral paintings of fruit.  Brick walls but country flourishes.  This is design by schizophrenia and it doesn’t work but it’s also not so egregiously bad either.

Eggs.  Blah.  Waffles.  Blah.  Sausage.  Blah.

And there it is.  Chicken schnitzel with caper beurre blanc and sautéed asparagus.  The Monster is luckily saved from another day starting off with fruit and potatoes.

Chicken parm’s Austrian cousin, this is dripping in butter and makes The Monster feel like he needs to train for a decathlon.  He won’t.  It’s pretty tasty, all pounded chicken and crunchy coating topped off with capers and lemon.  The asparagus is crisp enough as not to embarrass.

There’s a nice crowd on Sunday morning and the convivial staff makes you feel at home so Annie’s proves a fine enough stop for those seeking out breakfast.

Tummy full, The Monster ships off to the airport to head home for a few days before he’s off again on what seems like a never-ending (and enjoyable) romp around the country (and world).

Why go?  Guten Morgen.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

319 Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78701

(512) 472-1884

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