Sure, it’s just a bowl of fruit and some breakfast potatoes from the Old Pecan Street Cafe.  And they’re not even all that good.  But that doesn’t tell the story here.

Which starts unhappily at the Driskill Hotel and 1886 Cafe…

One person looking for a bowl of fruit and some breakfast potatoes and the schmoebag at 1886 haughtily informs The Monster “they are on a wait.” Really diphole?  Because there are plenty of empty tables.

So The Monster who has limited time (like fifteen minutes) for breakfast stumbles around aimlessly looking for anywhere to eat.  The area directly around 6th Street is filled with the detritus of a wild and wooly college town night.  There is one woman’s shoe sitting on the sidewalk like a sad trophy.  There is a pile of vomit splayed out right in a doorway.  There are enough pizza crusts to reach the moon.

Finally, The Monster stumbles upon the Old Pecan Street Cafe.  He has ten minutes to eat and get to his meeting.  And they deliver with aplomb.

The fruit and potatoes might just be fine but eating them is the difference between a cranky Monster and a happy one so for that he thanks the Old Pecan Street Cafe.

Why go?  1886 Cafe can suck it.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

504B Trinity Street
Austin, TX 78701

(512) 478-2491

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