In the famed Driskill Hotel is this casual spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It doesn’t have the same panache as the fancier, dinner only restaurant in the hotel but The Monster is merely looking for a quick bite.

There’s a guy wearing a cowboy hat without irony so you know you’re in Texas.  There is also a waiter with a fabulous Texas mustache.  The Monster respects.

A blackened salmon burger with crispy wasabi shallots, mixed greens, and a chili glaze on a wheat bun with steak fries along with a very berry smoothie is the call.

The smoothie comes out first and it flat out blows.  How can this many delicious ingredients produce something wholly tasteless?  You have to work awfully hard to make a smoothie completely devoid of taste.  Bravo 1886, bravo.

The meal is saved however by the entree and fries.  Both are tasty.  The salmon burger especially so.  It nicely balances the taste of the fish with the heft of a burger.  Well seasoned, these are thick fries that pair perfectly.

Service is friendly enough and the prices fair making 1886 a fine option for a casual meal except…

…1886 screws the pooch the next morning.  All The Monster wants is some fruit and breakfast potatoes but is given attitude when he tries to get a table.  Apparently they are “on a wait.”  Really, annoying guy?  Really?  Because there are empty tables and it’s a bowl of fruit and a side of potatoes.  Nope, they are “on a wait” The Monster is again told in the most brusque and rude manner possible.  Alright, annoying guy, you just cost The Driskill an $8 breakfast and a positive review.

Why go?  You love attitude.

Monster rating:  2/5 Monsters

604 Brazos Street
Austin, TX 78701

(512) 474-5911

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