After three full days of absolute gluttony The Monster feels like a leadened balloon.  Despite his walking Portland round and a trip or two to the gym the body can only take so much gustatory abuse (pleasure).

And so it is he heads to David’s with every intention of being healthy.  The space itself looks like a refugee from the nineties but word is the food is a contemporary take on American cuisine.

All that goes out the window when they bring their famed garlic rolls.  Dripping in olive oil, garlic and herbs it proves impossible to say no.  The Monster has only one, so there is that in the way of willpower.  Delicious they are.

Eschewing an appetizer, the decision is made by the waitress: pepper crusted sushi rare tuna with sesame, peanut soba noodles, Szechwan citrus dipping sauce, sesame asparagus.  The Monster gives her carte blanche with any seafood or poultry on the menu and this is her call.  She’s friendly so hopefully she also has good taste.

Luckily it proves to be delicious and healthy.  The Monster feels a little better about himself.  Tomorrow it’s all salad.  And maybe one last lobster roll.

And some clams.  Most definitely some clams.

Why go?  Willpower.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

22 Monument Square
Portland, ME 04101

(207) 773-4340

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2 responses to “REVIEW: DAVID’S

  1. dan

    you sound like an asshole! grow up montster you write like a two year old!

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