A gluten-free bakery on Commercial street near the wharf, Bam Bam Bakery is a nice place to stop for a quick treat and some coffee or tea in Portland.

The Monster hasn’t yet had Maine’s most recognized dessert (and it’s official state treat) the whoopie pie so it’s time to take a load off, savor some vanilla almond tea and a little something to satisfy the sweet tooth.

The whoopie pie, two pieces of chocolate cake with a creamy frosting center might as well be an ingrained part of The Monster’s youth from his time in Maine.  Healthy they are not, delicious they are.

Portland takes its whoopie pies seriously, having made the world’s largest at over 1000 pounds in a charity event to send the famed pies to soldiers serving overseas.

Now The Monster has no issue with gluten.  But the fact that a whoopie pie can taste this good sans gluten is heartening for all those who deal with Celiac disease.

So when the whoopie pie itch strikes, head over to Bam Bam Bakery.

Why go?  Your body hates that damn gliadin.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

267 Commercial Street
Portland, ME 04101

(207) 899-4100

Bam Bam Bakery on Urbanspoon

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