Since 1951 this old school Italian grocery has been serving downtown Portland, Maine and anyone familiar with Bay Cities in Santa Monica will feel right at home here.

While Bay Cities is renowned for the godmother, the mother of all Italian sandwiches, Micucci’s is known for their pizza.  It’s a Sicilian slab, coming on doughy bread with sweet sauce and cheese and those in the know will line up for it for half an hour if need be (and the need is often).

The Monster calls ahead and finds out what time the pizza will be put out and he’s the first in line.  It’ll be pizza for breakfast on this day.

The procedure is anything but smooth (just like Bay Cities deli counter).  The pizza is in a far corner of the grocery in the back, lines snaking between the aisles, and it’s grab a to-go box, take your slice and pay on the way out (for there are only two tables inside at which to eat).

On paper plates lining the wall are testimonials to Micucci’s offering the best pizza in New England.  And when that first piece (the pizza bread) is placed on the self-serve counter The Monster is there to snag it.

And it is pretty damn good.  One piece enough for a hungry soul and probably good to share for many less so.  Burn the rough of your mouth hot, it’s sweet sauce is just the kind The Monster likes.  The bread is hard and crusty on the edges, soft and chewy in the middle.  And it has just enough cheese to add in a nice gooey factor.

This is the farthest thing in the world from The Monster’s revered Rubinos (cracker thin crust) but having spent many a year living in Chicago he’s down for this as well.

The wait is on for the Sicilian Slab.  And it too is a monster.  This is inch thick dough topped by the same sweet sauce and a mere sprinkling of cheese.  This is what the wait is all about folks.  This is the real deal.

The Monster having put away a piece of each the pizza bread and the slab is now going for a walk.  Followed by a run.  Followed by the gym.

Why go?  Gluttony.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

45 India Street
Portland, ME 04101

(207) 775-1854

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  1. CJ

    Ummm, Portland, Maine… for pizza…don’t walk, run to Otto’s – only blocks away from this Italian market in my ‘hood. But don’t take my seat.
    ‘nuf said

  2. noone

    If you like eating interesting toppings on a piece of paper, go to Otto’s. That will help to make the line at Micucci’s shorter so I have a better chance of getting their pizza and luna bread before it sells out.

  3. Hope you tried the sfogliatelle and cannoli at Micucci’s too!

  4. What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable experience concerning unexpected feelings.

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