You come to Gilbert’s for two things and two things only: fried seafood and chowder.

You don’t come here for atmosphere (it’s fine) or service (it’s brusque) or the view (nonexistent today since the patio is wet).  Take any open seat, grab a menu off the table and be ready when the waitress asks what you’ll be having.

So, The Monster ponies up for a fried whole belly clam dinner with fries and chowder.

It’s a heap of food for $15.99.  The chowder is smoky from bacon (yes, The Monster ate it, couldn’t say no to chowder).  It’s got nice chunks of potato and clams and doused with some Tabasco and oyster crackers it hit the spot.

The fried whole belly clams and fries are perfect for some belly hugging food and the horseradish-tinged cocktail sauce is both a touch sweet and hot.

This is in and out eating (The Monster clocks in at twenty minutes total) which is perfect because you’ll want to take a walk afterward.  Luckily the beautiful city of Portland beckons.

Why go?  Bacon.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

92 Commercial Street
Portland, ME 04101

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