As the name implies, this cute little spot which consists mainly of high stools around various bars at which to eat is a casual spot to enjoy hand cut Belgian fries fried in duckfat.  With brick walls, wood floors, an appealing menu and hip staff it would feel at home in LA’s trendier neighborhoods (AK, Silverlake, etc).

The menu consists of the aforementioned fries along with soups, salads, charcuterie, paninis and a great selection of desserts including beignets, churros, homemade sodas and milkshakes.

The Monster, still reeling from two lobsterfest lunches, mulls his options and ultimately lands on the duckfat fries with truffle ketchup and Thai chili mayo along with a duckfat caramel shake with Maldon salt.  This will be death by duckfat.  That’s a righteous way to go.

So, how does a duckfat caramel shake turn out?  Absolutely exquisitely.  It’s rich without being overpowering, a touch sweet but never cloying.  It’s a grown up shake with enough going on to satisfy the kid in us all.

As for the fries?  Alone they are deeply golden fried, hints of salt but never overpowering.  The truffle ketchup takes its cue from white truffle oil granting an appealing aftertaste that lingers as the duckfat slicks your mouth.  The Monster finds the Thai chili mayo a little less effective.  Touted for its heat, that’s precisely what is missing.  These are some damn fine fried indeed.

While one could conceivably come to Duckfat and eat a healthy meal why on earth would you?  Let your tombstone read you went the way of duckfat.

Why go?  If you can’t tell on this one there’s no helping you.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

3 Middle Street
Portland, ME 04101

(207) 774-8080

Duck Fat on Urbanspoon

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