On a classic fall day in a city that has been deemed the “foodiest” small town in America, The Monster walks around quaint Portland, Maine as the rain shivers his soul and the briny smell of the waterfront warms his heart.

The first stop on his eating tour is the Portland Lobster Company, right on the wharf what looks like a shack opens up to a huge patio hugging the water.  It’s been well over twenty years since The Monster has been in Maine so the order today is not in question…

Lobster stew to warm the body and a lobster roll served with fries and slaw to rekindle the fond memories of youth.

When you order you’ll be given a “red lobster” which will buzz when your order is ready.  Normally this place is jammed, beer flowing and live music cranking.  Given the season, the time (it’s 11 am and The Monster is the first in the door) and the freezing rain it’s The Monster, the friendly staff and some tunes piped in through the speakers.

The tasty crustaceans are ensconced in a case right as you walk in.  Better yet, if you go out on the seas and catch your own they’ll prepare it on the spot for you.

Of course there are other seafood options, fried fish dinners and steamer plates along with a nice selection of draught beers.

The stew, rich with sherry and filled with large chunks of lobster is the perfect antidote to the weather and makes one want to curl up by a fire in a blanket and wile away the day.

The lobster roll, lightly buttered, is overflowing with the sweet meat on its toasted roll.  As the first taste of a lobster roll in Maine in years it brings back cherished times as a kid.  The fries are quite tasty as well. Thick cut and from fresh potatoes.  The slaw not too creamy but mostly an adornment to the rest of the meal.

Prices here are on the steep side given lobster is at an all-time low and some may deride this as a tourist trap.  It is.  None of that matters right now to The Monster as he happily devours his food.

Why go?  Lobster.  And then some more.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

180 Commercial Street
Portland, ME 04112

(207) 775-2112

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