Bazaar, not so fresh.

Has the luster faded now?

Change the menu up!

Why go?  The Wonka in us all loves having dessert here.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monster

SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills
465 South La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048

(310) 246-5567

The Bazaar By José Andrés on Urbanspoon


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5 responses to “HAIKU REVIEW: THE BAZAAR

  1. iris

    But BUT we love bazaar! Ok change is often good. Still u had a good time no?.

  2. George

    hmm. let me guess from your review: you’re not married yet

    • Married four and a half years. Together ten. 🙂

      • George

        i was just teasing you based on your “change the menu up” comment – ie, why “change” just for the sake of change when things are already pretty darn good and stand to remain that way for a long time to come (this is the kind of thinking that drives many people to marry each other). I eat out almost as much as you, and let’s face it, the vast majority of restaurants are fungible/interchangeable. But not The Bazaar. It’s just perfect for what it is, and there’s simply nowhere else to go for the same overall food experience. And when I say “nowhere else” I’m not just talking about LA. I’ve spent a ton of time on the East Coast, between Washington and NYC, and believe me, there is no equivalent to The Bazaar in either of those cities, or any other US city I’m aware of. But pick any other big name LA restaurant and I could name at least half dozen others like it in the country like it.

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