Known as the king of tacos in Boyle Heights and beyond, Guisados boasts fourteen different taco varieties along with specials, tamales and delicious aguas.

The simple room, featuring local art is often packed with lines out the door.  With only ten tables it’s best to come at off-peak times or risk the wait.  The Monster, never one to be patient, comes when there is no line.

On this day The Monster decides on the tinga de pollo, the mole poblano (chicken), the pescado (fish) and camarones (shrimp) tacos all to be washed down with an armando palmero (jamaica and limon aguas).

You may sample the chicharron (pork) or bistek en salsa rojo (beef) and add some heat to the dish with their renowned hot sauce.  But gringos beware, when they say hot here they mean burn the *ucker down hot.

As for the heat index?  Something like this.  “Eh, not so spicy.  Okay, sweating.  Hmm, throat is burning.  Wow, can’t feel the tongue.  Hospital…please.”

So what makes these tacos worth a trip from the beach?  How about tortillas that’ll have you believing in the good lord and calling out his name in praise.  Thick, pillowy delights holding freshly grilled ingredients is a recipe for taco love.  Yes my lord, yes!  Guisados, me gusta mucho.

Why go?  You don’t need a tongue anyways.

Monster rating: 4½/5 Monsters

2100 East Cesar Chavez Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90033

(323) 264-7201

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