Sometimes you’re driving around and take a wrong turn and you’re lost.  And sometimes you take a wrong turn and are found.  The Monster took a wrong turn right into Mariscos Maria’s Restaurant.

It’s kitschy ugly on West Adams, with a menu of mariscos and traditional Mexican specialties.  It’s The Monster, Televisa and one very stubborn fly on this day.  That gives him time to admire the mural on the wall.  It’s a mermaid holding what looks like a Michelada, a dolphin wearing a sailing hat and an octopus drinking Corona.  It’s awesome in its horribleness.  Or maybe it’s just horrible.  You decide.

The chips and salsa that start you off are fairly pedestrian.  The salsa watery but packing a little heat.  Not an auspicious start.  The fly seems to dig it though.

That’s okay, an order of Mexican shrimp cocktail and the garlic shrimp hopefully portend for better things.

The Mexican shrimp cocktail is not the best The Monster has had recently but it one again proves Mexican shrimp cocktails, chock full of avocado, tomato and onion and served with crackers and tostada is better than the gringo counterpart.

The main dish comes and it is a feast.  Shrimp drenched in garlic served with rice, beans, salad and tortillas.

Nevermind the tortillas aren’t fresh and the rice and beans are merely fine, for these shrimp are a garlic fiend’s friend.  They are worth the price of admission and leave a sweet kiss of garlic on the lips for the rest of the day.

The fly however won’t give up.  The Monster appreciates how aggressive it is.  Dive bombing into the salad and attacking the rice and beans.  Still, the fly must die.

But that’s for the next customer to deal with.

Why go?  You work in pest control.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

5640 West Adams Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90016

(323) 934-7085

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