There’s an old school jukebox, there’s a painting of Jesus, there’s two televisions blaring different channels simultaneously, and there is a giant marlin hanging on the wall.  This is Jesse’s Camarones Restaurant.  It is awesome.

A cash only joint on West Adams, this is an old school seafood haven with a limited but fantastic menu of delights.

The Monster takes a trip over for lunch and his head begins to swim in the sea of crustacean possibilities.

Should he order camarones a la diabla?  Maybe a tostada mixta?   Campechanas de camaron, pulpo y abulon?  Hibiscus flower agua fresca?

So, the call is a small shrimp cocktail, the tostada ceviche mixta and a fried potato taco.

The food, like atmosphere, just kills it.  Fresh shrimp, delicious ceviche, a fried taco wonder.

All that food, yea it was less than $10.  Hard to beat amigos.

Why go?  The first sentence of the review sold you.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

1479 West Adams Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90007

(323) 735-6399


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