Huayoccari Hacienda at Casa Oriheula gives off the beaten path new meaning.  Off the main road, off a secondary road, onto a dirt and rock strewn path wending between tall trees and a gurgling stream is this completely hidden gem.  It is beauty where one last expects it.

And it is breath-taking.  It is splendor and opulence but never at the expense of the valley’s natural beauty.  It is truly one of the more unique and stunning restaurant locations The Monster has ever had the pleasure of dining at.

Garden-filled, you stroll through the manor’s extensive collection of art before coming to the great room which is grand and handsome.  The entire experience makes one believe they’ve been granted a peak into heaven.

The dining room, with views over the valley and ringed by the Andes mountains is epic.  A welcome Pisco sour starts you off followed by house made bread and potatoes served with a spicy cilantro aji.

The first course is a selection between the farm raised greens and the causa, tuna fish and pickled vegetables with a spicy accompaniment.  The causa is the call and after a strenuous two hour hike it is marvelous.

A warm vegetable consomme soup is next sprinkled with blocks of cheese.  Perfect.

For the mains you may chose from trout, chicken, pork or beef.  Trout and chicken on this day.

Both courses, served with buttery mash potatoes and broccoli, are well done though neither extraordinary.  But that is indeed missing the point of a visit here.

Nowhere else in Peru, and perhaps very few other places in the world, will one find a rare gem like this in the least expected of places.

A selection of desserts (cheesecake with elderberry sauce, guava mousse etc.) and then one must leave this slice of heaven on their way through the Sacred Valley to Macchu Picchu.

Why go?  It’s called once in a lifetime for a reason.

Monster rating: 5/5 Monsters for experience, 3/5 Monsters for food

Km 64, Carretera Cusco-Urubamba, Peru


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