Tucked away in a sun drenched courtyard (when the sun shines 11,000 feet up) is Pacha Papa, a neighborly spot of picnic benches, snappy music and Peruvian specialties found no where else.

Four hours of hiking and The Monster believes he still has feet, just can’t feel them.  A stiff drink and a little food will most certainly help.

Fresh bread from the wood burning oven is accompanied by both a spicy aji and a sweet tomato based spread.  Wonderful.

Corn in an herb and spiced butter sauce and roasted whole trout with wild fennel and tomatoes cooked in the wood fire oven is the call.

This meal is delicious.  The fennel packed fish served whole showcases how simple preparations can engender huge tastes, the corn brings back memories of brisk late summer days when you take the husk it straight off the grill and douse it in herbs and butter.

This is not fancy eating.  This is letting ingredients speak for themselves and in this manner Pacha Papa is a worthy stop on any Cusco adventure.

Why go?  You’re a no frills sort.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

Plazoleta San Blas 120, Cusco, Peru


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