Done up in shades of green, red and teal, Greens is a play on words, an ode to the color scheme but much more to the organic nature of the food prepared here.  Every dish served is at least 90% organic and the menu specifies just how organic each item is.

Walking in you might as well be in Topanga from the looks of things, crunchy guests nibbling on healthy plates and pictures of cacti and flowers lining the walls.

The menu is Peruvian health food with an international flair.  Oriental style pan-fried trout shares the menu with alpaca milanesa with garlic and parsley breaded in quinoa flakes accompanied by sweet potato mash.

The Monster just wants a snack (and a Pisco sour).  The trout and mango ceviche is the call.

The bread and oil arrives and it’s not for this cat.  The oil is so redolent of olives and the taste so pungent it’s not happening.  The Pisco sour however gets a nod of approval.

As for the ceviche, it is mouth-puckeringly tart, huge chunks of fish, corn, onion and mango.  Beautifully fresh and clean the menu touts it as 95% organic with all the vegetables coming from their garden in the Sacred Valley.  The Monster will take that at face value.

Friendly service and a cozy second floor location make this a nice midday stop as you walk around historic Cusco.

Why go?  You still rock the dreds.

Monster rating:  3½/5 Monsters

Santa Catalina Angosta, 135, Cusco, Peru

+51 84 25 4753

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