As the East Los mariscos marathon continues The Monster finds himself at Mariscos 4 Vientos.  Packed with families, this cash only delight may be plain on atmosphere but it’s big on taste.

The Monster snags a spot in the lot and takes a seat at the last open table in the joint.  Service here is brisk, The Monster sits down and chips and salsa are delivered and the supremely friendly waitress inquires if The Monster is ready to order.

Well, knowing a shrimp cocktail is a must we start with that as The Monster peruses the rest of the menu.

The chips and salsa here are fairly pedestrian so a dash of this hot sauce and a dab of that habanero salsa spruces it up.  Still, don’t make the mistake of filing up when there are treats to look forward to.

As for the main dish, the taco de pescado Estil Ensenada is the call.  A fried fish taco, this has The Monster salivating just looking at the picture.

Let’s just get right down to it.  Magnificent shrimp cocktail.  Mexicans have it right when it comes to this dish.

As for the tacos, another winner.  Just the right amount of fried fish to play off warm flour tortillas and diced onion, tomato and lettuce.

When the bill arrives it is ok to laugh.  Food this good shouldn’t be this cheap.

Why go?  They have the old school “call service” bells like in Korean restaurants and really who can resist?

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

3000 East Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90023

(323) 264-3565

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