California’s first omusubi spot, Sunny Blue has taken foot on Main Street and draws a diverse collection of fans eager to sample its unique Japanese inspired offerings.

Eaten like sandwiches, this is dense warm rice with various savory fillings wrapped in nori.  Hugely popular in Japan (and Hawaii), this sliver of a space also offers frozen yogurt and does a brisk business (mostly take-out, what with three stools inside and one table outside).

The Monster settles on a chicken curry and Toyko Tori (chicken with sweet sauce) omusubi.  There are beef, seafood and vegan options as well.

The lightning quick production time (less than a minute) speaks to the grab and go nature of Japanese society.  Where else can you get fresh, made to order food this fast?  McDonalds beware.

Both prove tasty treats, though the large amount of firm packed rice probably means only one omusubi is needed for most patrons as a snack.  But in the name of science and splurging The Monster can’t resist sampling two.  The crunch of seaweed, the warmth of the rice and hot inner fillings make this deceptively addictive street food.

The storefront offers up a small selection of sides as well to go along with complimentary cold (barley) tea.

With friendly service to boot Sunny Blue is a perfect little snack shop when exploring Main Street and nearby Abbot Kinney.

Why go?  You dream of omusubi.  Which is weird.  But ok.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

2728 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 399-9030

Sunny Blue on Urbanspoon

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