The Monster is in a rare mood.  That’s supremely pissed off.  And yet he’s smiling.  Odd dichotomy to be sure but that’s how it’s happening.  Somehow, the story nowhere near entertaining enough to write about, he ends up alone for dinner at Tajrish.  He’s the only person inside the restaurant on a Friday night.  It’s him and some Persian pop music.  Divine.

This was not the plan.  But alas, plans change.  Or in this case are subject to nuclear bombing.  So he’s going to take his smiling anger out on some…

Tan-dig.  This is crispy rice with stew toppings.  The choices made are Ghormeh Sabzi, parsley, cilantro, chives, and kidney beans along with the Fesenjan, seasoned chicken meat with walnuts in pomegranate sauce.

As for his main dish, the chicken barb kabob is the call, thick strips of juicy marinated breast of chicken, skewered and charbroiled.

Located in Marina Del Rey, Tajrish is notable for incredibly friendly service and being one of the few Persian restaurants in these parts.  If you’ve been to an Indian restaurant in this hood replace a statue of Ganesh with some musical instruments hanging on the wall and you’ve got a feel for the decor.

The appetizer, well it’s not The Monster’s favorite.  Maybe it’s an acquired taste.  It’s not bad, just not…good either.  If you like hard rice topped by watery sauces have at it.  Monster’s fault for ordering in the end.

But the main dish saves the day.  A huge mound of aromatic rice, juicy chicken, stewed tomato, grilled onion and green pepper.  Wrap it all up with the thin lavash-like bread and squirt some lime or orange over it all and you have a delicious, healthy meal.

One thing for sure, every Persian restaurant The Monster has ever dined at goes looney-tunes over rice.  The mound on The Monster’s plate greatly resembles a pregnant humpback whale that has just eaten a Ford Bronco for breakfast and a small island nation for lunch.  If there was a sliding scale between the amount of rice and the serving of chicken (which by no means is a skimpy portion) Tajrish would have to serve a few whole chickens to tip the scales bakc toward equal.

Paying his bill The Monster has a smile on his face.  Places like Tajrish, where they take pride in making the customer happy is a huge part of the reason why The Monster is out and about most nights.

Why go?  Best laid plans go awry.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

507 Washington Boulevard
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

(310) 301-3344

Tajrish on Urbanspoon

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