The Monster is having a conversation about Main Street eateries and the mention of Shoop’s European Deli reminds him it’s been years since he’s walked in the door.

So, that very day he decides to stop by for some dinner.  It’s The Monster, four policeman and “I Will Survive” playing on the radio.  With only a smattering of tables (that would be four plus two high tops, now you know the definition of smattering) Shoop’s is more a grab and go option for most.

While European might be in the name Shoop’s is most decidedly an American deli.  There’s a small selection of dry goods from whence the European tag apparently originates, and a menu featuring salads (salmon Caesar, chopped and Greek as examples), cold sandwiches (club, blt, roast beef etc), hot sandwiches (grilled turkey and fontina, chicken pesto, old world sausage amongst others) along with platters (wieners and kraut, meat and cheese…).

As for The Monster, he decides on the tomato soup, a chunky variety served with some crusty white bread and a chicken vegetable plate featuring grilled chicken sauteed with tomato, roasted peppers, spinach, onion and garlic drizzled with pesto.  Guess the pesto makes it European.

Both dishes prove solid enough, the soup hearty, the chicken dish healthy, though The Monster wishes the pesto had more flavor, this version suffering from being neither terribly nutty from pine nuts nor remarkably flavorful from Parmigiano Regginao.  Pesto often is a tough nut to crack, and to this day The Monster swears some of the best he’s ever had came from Stouffers’s microwave meals over twenty years ago.  Sad, but true.  And The Monster got married in and has been to Italy many times, before the vultures start circling.

The Monster can’t help but think he’s to blame for a solid, not spectacular meal.  A soup and sandwich is most likely the better call here but this nagging idea of trying to eat healthy (drats, boring) sways The Monster into uncharted and uncharacteristic territory.

Still, food is served hot and fast, service is gracious and the prices are right.  Shoop’s, The Monster will be back and promises to order better.

Why go?  Second chances.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

2400 Main Street, Suite A1
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 452-1019

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