Why oh why is Wheel of Fortune playing at Social?  You aren’t hip nor cool with this on by the bar.  You’re exposed pipes and mismatched floors can’t hide what you are at the core, a trying desperately to be swank restaurant in a sadly dying city.

That’s the bad news.  Well, that and you don’t take reservations and there is always, most definitely a wait.  And the service is hinkey.  On to the good news, for there is good news afoot…

It’s a menu tailor made for The Monster.  All Southern flecked and fattening and mostly delicious.  With a huge bar area, a patio and a rooftop bar and lounge, there is much to like here.  And The Monster goes all out on eating on this night.

Here’s a peek at the state fair meets upscale pub grub fare that awaits you…

Wonderful.  But alas, it’s vegetables.  Cooler things forthcoming.

Well, after these vegetables.  Also tasty.

Turkey Joe sliders, that’s what we’re talking about.

Plus, some fried chicken and waffles pictured above.  That’s some good eating right there.

Service proves friendly if not a bit muddled.  In LA The Monster would blame actors and actresses who care more about their lines (of either variety, ahem) than the customer.  In Detroit, perhaps it’s summer malaise but it always feels one beat off.  Drinks come sporadically, food comes when it feels like it, different servers show up or don’t at all.

Either way, Social is a heck of a lot of fun and perfect for nights when you want to have a drink (four), enjoy good company and eat some murderously tasty (for your cholesterol, your heart, your waistline) grub.

Why go? You get in.

Monster rating 3½/5 Monsters

225 East Maple Road
Birmingham, MI 48009

(248) 594-4200

Social Kitchen & Bar   on Urbanspoon


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