Where The Monster is from we sing a song called “We Don’t Give a Damn About the Whole State of Michigan.” Because Ohioans hate, loath, despise the evil state and won’t even say aloud the filthy name.  Only once have two states in our union gone to war against each other.  In that skirmish Ohio rolled mightily over the soft state and we held on to Toledo.  Granted, Toledo isn’t worth fighting over but it’s ours damnit.  So, The Monster finds himself in enemy territory and starving himself until he leaves is out of the question (it’s been seventeen minutes between meals, the shakes are coming).

Yellowtail sashimi, hot crab hand rolls, salmon rolls, cha cha rolls, hot crawfish rolls, albacore tataki, cucumber sunomono, lettuce cups with miso black cod, sea monster rolls, tuna “burgers” with fries, tuna pizza.  That’s the call at Ronin Sushi in Detroit.

Midwestern sushi is all creamy sauces and shit on top of shit and more crazy sauces, it is what it is.  It’s very difficult to have anything approaching extremely fresh fish so everything gets sent through large regional fish centers then further shipped out to points from there so you work with what you have.  There’s a lot of baked this and cream cheese that because of it.

The Monster has a long-standing apathy of Midwestern sushi but it’s the call tonight and he’ll happily roll.

The space, in the burgeoning Royal Oaks section of Detroit is loud music, dim lightning and hip, young folk.  Think of Koi and Katana of yesteryear and you’re in the zip code.  Just filter all that by way of the Midwest (questionable fashion sense, aversion to the gym, dental negligence) and now you really get a feel for it.

Ate a shit-ton of food.  Some of it great, some of it ok, some of it more than vile.  Much of it is not “sushi.”  Perhaps a new sub-genre needs be invented.  Sushi-cakes gets the feel of layers upon layers of fish and rice covered with frosting while sushi-sandwiches evokes the idea that these are condiment heavy monstrosities.

Either way some people love this style of eating.  The Monster can hang with it once and a while, just not make a habit of it.  On this night he’s down and makes the most of it.

Why go?  You’d bake a stick of butter and slather it in cream cheese and call it veggie sushi.

Monster rating 3/5 Monsters

325 West 4th Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067

(248) 546-0888

Ronin Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon


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4 responses to “REVIEW: RONIN

  1. Antoine Joubert

    Umm….but didn’t we get the UP out of that war? The only loser there was Wisconsin (as per the usual).

    • Yes, the UP was given as a concession, at the time of little value as it was Indian territory and not terribly hospitable land to settlers. Only later did it’s true value (mineral deposits) become known.

      As a side note, The Monster’s favorite architect, John Lautner, hailed from those parts.

  2. iris

    Oh no u r not slaming Detroit? Royal Oak whats the diff?

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