Just off Abbott Kinney sits B1 Breadshop, a brand new bakery specializing in baguettes, croissant, desserts, teas and coffee.

The Monster stops in for a few sandwiches for a beachside picnic lunch.

Your sandwich choices are Italian, tuna, turkey, caprese and veggie.  You can also get Caesar or fruit and nut salads and organic French press coffee.  While there are a few tables inside and out this is meant to be grab and go.  As the sandwiches are already prepared this is ultra convenient for those looking to maximize beach time.

The sandwiches are large affairs, on wonderfully thick and fresh bread.  The veggie fares better than the turkey, with a thick balsamic glaze that adds a perfect tart counterpoint to the fresh vegetables.

When The Monster arrives they are already out of many items, either invoking a brisk business or a need for better planning.  Either way, service is pleasant and the store is an oasis of calm on the edge of trendy Abbot Kinney.

All in all B1 is a welcome addition to the neighborhood that while not redefining the bread and sandwich category will fill a nice need.

Why go?  Picnics.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

2805 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90291

(424) 259-1222

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