Don’t come here looking for atmosphere.  Don’t come here with credit cards.  Don’t come here without a big appetite.  Because Rinconcito Guatemalteco is a dumpy little restaurant in Koreatown serving up big flavors.

The Monster braves rush hour on the 10 freeway to get a taste of Guatemala.  The hour plus drive has his appetite all lathered up to destroy some Guatemalan home cooking.

Here’s the damage: hard shell tortilla topped with guacamole, creamy chicken, chicken in a special sauce, shrimp cocktail, chicken tamale.

Tamales come out first and they’ve never been The Monster’s thing.  This version is fine but better things are afoot.

Like the shrimp cocktail which is huge and bold and bright.  The cut from the onions, the fresh cilantro and tomato and the plentiful shrimp make this a winner.

The hard shell tortilla with guacamole also stands out.  A sucker for guac, this is a nice starter before the main dishes appearance.  Do wish there was more guac served however.

When they say creamy chicken they mean it.  Rich as hell, tender chicken, onions and peppers wrapped in hot flour tortillas proves irresistible.  Did The Monster mention rich and creamy?  Because this is like sucking at the teet of butterfat.

The chicken in special sauce is a soup filled with potato, green beans, and chicken.  It’s smoky flavors are a delight.  That being said, The Monster is starting to reach maximum density so finishing this is not an option.  Leftovers breakfast it shall be.

Here’s the best part…flavorful, friendly service and it’s cheapy mccheaperstein at Rinconcito so sampling a bunch of dishes is a must.

Why go?  You speak Xinca.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

501 North Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90004

(323) 463-6602

Restaurante Rinconcito on Urbanspoon

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