Right beside the Buckaroo Duty Free shop in the Dallas airport (reason enough to flee) is Cantina Laredo.  We all know airport food is both wildly overpriced and mostly hovering just above craphole status but maybe one day a place will rise above the fray.  Today will not be that day.

The Monster could tell you about the menu or tell you about the décor but he’s feeling lazy and really you’re only coming here because you were bumped from your flight and have four hours to kill.

So, this is a Tex-Mex place and the chips suck big time.  That really doesn’t make sense but it’s still true.  The chips are paper thin and break in the guac which is vaguely tasteless. That’s a real shitty start.  The salsa is watery but has a touch of heat and a shit ton of salt.  It’s like eating a salt lick.  Sound fun?

Tortilla soup is ordered.  It never comes.  Figures.

The Monster is with thirteen other people.  They are all eating.  The Monster has nothing in front of him.  Pure awesome.

People have finished the meal.  The Monster still doesn’t have his food.  Woohoo.

Now everyone is done.  Still no food.  The Monster hates Cantina Laredo.

The food finally comes but who cares what it tastes like at this point?  If you must know, it doesn’t taste all that great.

That being said, our server is friendly.  So if you like shitty food (once it finally arrives) but service with a smile Cantina Laredo is for you.

Why go?  You only shop duty free.

Monster rating: 1/5 Monsters

Dallas Airport

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